Tents are a necessity for any event, but they can be expensive and difficult to transport. There is no need to rent tents when you can buy them at wholesale prices from our online tent store in Saudi Arabia. Our tents are available in a variety of sizes and styles so that you’re sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.


In Saudi Arabia, weddings are a major event in the lives of people. The wedding is usually celebrated with an expensive banquet that includes many dishes and desserts, as well as a lavish party. One thing that is often overlooked when planning for such an extravagant event is renting a tent to house all your guests.


We know that you’re busy when planning your next wedding or party, and we want to help make it easier for you. We have a wide variety of Furniture here at our store. Our company’s selection is not only beautiful but also practical. Each Furniture product can be easily admired from any angle thanks to its spacious design. All weddings deserve a special day.


It is a lot of work, time-consuming and getting the right tent for your event in Saudi Arabia can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from and each one comes with its own set of problems. You need to find a company that you can trust but there are so many out there it is hard to know who will do what they say they will do on time and at the price quoted! RF Tents has been supplying tents for a long time throughout Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Mall Activations are a perfect method to create brand awareness for the customers and to present new products/services to buyers. It is currently a fact that it is fundamental to connect with your clients if you wish to emerge from the crowd and be given some consideration. Generally, your voice can get effortlessly suffocated in the clamor of the dynamic advertising business. The individuals who purposely stray far from the typical set standards of advertising.


At RF, We pride ourselves on our ability to offer industry-best electroplating/coating services to fit any needs, from manufacturing to residential use. From any metal to gold, chrome, brass, copper, antique, black nickel, silver, tinning, nickel, polishing, electropolishing, powder coating, anodizing, and on-site gold plating and on-site polishing. we provide a single-source solution to all of your metal plating/coating needs.


Printing has proven to be a vital part of global development despite the unending global shift towards intangible documents. We are dedicated to serving our valued clients with our best printing services in Saudi Arabia. Also, we offer in quality and price in Saudi Arabia. We have high standards of Printing Press in Saudi Arabia. At lookatmeprint.com, we understand the undeniable importance of printing in every organization and so, we stand side by side with our clients up to a maximum level of their satisfaction.


We pride ourselves in providing a totally project-managed service, from start to finish. Our on-site team are able to install your unique stand before the show, ensuring that it achieves maximum impact and captivates your target market. We also dismantle stands following the event – meaning that you can focus all your attention on what your business does best. We are confident that your stand will succeed in grabbing the attention of passers-by, with a bespoke exhibition stand design and build, with the option to have a modular stand.


Portable toilets have been around for decades and they still aren’t great. They are expensive to rent or buy, they smell bad when people use them, and it is hard to keep track of who might be using them at any given time. These issues make life difficult for event managers as well as guests. RF Tents is an innovative solution to these problems by providing portable restrooms that can help you manage your facilities better while also improving the guest experience at events. Our porta potties provide superior comfort.


Light towers are used to light up areas that have no power grid. They are mainly used in construction sites, roadways, and parking lots. The main issue with these lights is that they require a lot of space for storage and maintenance. Also, it takes time to set them up because there is wiring involved. RF Tents offers a portable solution for this problem by providing an easy way to store the light tower when not in use and also making it easier to transport as one unit rather than having multiple parts like other options on the market today.


We offer a variety of innovative and cost-effective solutions from a normal service up to major overhauling including replacement of all defected parts, repairing of pumps, cleaning of engine heads and radiators, and using genuine spare parts to ensure long-term reliable operations. Our on-call service is supported 24 hours per day by a team of highly skilled service Technicians and Technical Managers with acomprehensive electrical and mechanical knowledge of power generation failures and repairs. Their experience enables us to provide a professional and efficient service to all customers regardless.